"EL Toro" by Cosmos, Acrylic on Canvas Panel
"EL Toro" by Cosmos, Acrylic on Canvas Panel

"EL Toro" by Cosmos, Acrylic on Canvas Panel

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14" X 18" 

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Original Artwork




Cosmos art is a channel for the higher Cosmos, the master, and source of all knowledge, he considers himself as a universal being is the very soul of his art is the deep connection with the stars, revolving around the concept of evolvement and self-transformation, mastering one's senses: self, thoughts, and emotions (mind, body and spirit) to reach the highest level of his existence. His technique is unique and spontaneous, pure and innocent, improvised most majority of his paintings in a mediative calming way. Yet, it is deep and connective, describing it as an “introspective” method where the background is the plane space being constructed and architected by the sacred geometry shapes, bringing it to life using the powerful, subtle, and beautiful energy of colors, creating his language, in the most creative of ways ...

Born in the year of the Dragon 1988 on October 21, forged by the stars' formation, a powerful force came into existence ...

In his art he speaks to all living beings and creatures, the ones who live on planet Earth and the ones who live in the celestial realms, sending a universal message of power, dominance, and most importantly righteousness and love ... for him it is all about the idea of enlightenment and creating life out of death, transforming negativity into positivity and becoming a true master of Alchemy ...