"Earth" by Margaret Gelles, Oils on Canvas
"Earth" by Margaret Gelles, Oils on Canvas
"Earth" by Margaret Gelles, Oils on Canvas

"Earth" by Margaret Gelles, Oils on Canvas

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63" X 55"

Oils on Canvas

Original  Art Work


Margareta Gelles

Margareta Gelles has been active as a visual artist for almost forty years. In her art, she balls between different worlds, which she believes are characterized by symbolism, emotional degradation and / or development.

Her favorite quote is by Katja Diehl and it reflects herself perfectly: "I never cease to marvel at defective perfection." She herself says: “I am a person who lives between the child and the adult.


Aesthetic line, Eskilstuna Folk High School


Sunbypark, Strängnäs

Shape and Color, Eskilstuna

Kvarnen, Torshälla

Gallery New Form Sparreholm

Gallery Northuna, Västerås

Ebeling Museum, Torshälla

Gallery Gripen Mariefred

Gallery C Södertälje

Torshälla Art Association

Design language Nyköping

Gallery, VH Gothenburg

Tearseus Gallery, Stockholm

Tjuvsbyns Konstförening, Västervik

HSB Art Association, Stockholm

Konstfrämjandet, Eskilstuna

Vadskvarn, Västerås

Gallery Tearseus Stockholm

Gallery C, Södertälje

Gallery Sjöhästen, Nyköping

The art fair Sollentuna represented by the gallery triangle Sigtuna

Gallery Curt Friman Vadstena.

Ebeling Museum.

Eskilstuna Art Association.

Gallery KC-west Gothenburg

The Art Fair in Paris Lovren.

Virsbo arrival hall.

Formwork Eskilstuna.

Stenninge Castle Märsta

Art promotion Västerås


The Art Museum's park, Eskilstuna

Factorimuseet, Eskilstuna

Gallery De Nesle Paris

The autumn salon, Väsby Art Gallery

Sörmlandssalongen, Eskilstuna Art Museum

Gallery Sanders, Norrköping

The Swedish Tax Agency's art association, Gothenburg

The Art Museum, Eskilstuna

The winter salon, Väsby Art Gallery

Sollentuna art fair

Sörmlandssalongen Nyköpings konsthall

Edsvik Art Gallery autumn salon

The artists' autumn salon

Spring Salon Ebeling Museum

The world's longest mobile exhibition


Eskilstuna Municipality

Torshälla Municipality

Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital

Laguns Gallery Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

Margareta Gelles is one of the artists represented at the art gallery Galleri Mats Bergman