"Dreamfish Symphony" by Lara Ralston, Mixed Media
"Dreamfish Symphony" by Lara Ralston, Mixed Media
"Dreamfish Symphony" by Lara Ralston, Mixed Media
"Dreamfish Symphony" by Lara Ralston, Mixed Media

"Dreamfish Symphony" by Lara Ralston, Mixed Media

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24" X 9" X 4"

Mixed Media: assemblage, acrylic, epoxy clay, varnish

Original Art Work



In my quest to merge my twin loves of art and music, I took a battered student violin and recreated it as a fantastical fish. Using epoxy clay and acrylic paint, the magical creature literally rises up out body of the instrument, with violin string whiskers, and the neck and scroll reimagined as a coppery tail. 


Lara Ralston

A Southern California native, I’ve been creating art ever since I first picked up a crayon (according to my mother, it was to draw meticulous H's and O's on the fireplace bricks...sorry Mom, I had a vision). My degree in English and writing, and my background in music and theater, make storytelling an integral part of how I express myself. Through my art, I have continuously striven to teach myself to paint the beautiful stories that I see in the natural world around me. Everything I paint has a story, as I attempt to convey a captured, crystalized moment snatched out of a dynamic timeline. A bird caught preening his feathers, an octopus caught mid-escape, a wild rabbit caught with a mouthful of clover. Commissioned pieces are a unique opportunity to tell the intimate stories of the people who will own them. I love painting on three-dimensional surfaces, like boxes and stools and chairs, to find ways to play with the shape of the piece and let it help tell the story. My most recent innovation is to take old, worn out stringed instruments, and reimagine them with epoxy clay and paint into entirely new creations—a violin becomes a heron, a guitar becomes a magical blackbird guarding its nest. What I hope is to show my vision of story and beauty in a way that grabs your attention and makes you smile.

Instagram: @lara_eve_studios