"Dill Pickle" by Moonrise, Mixed Media on Paper
"Dill Pickle" by Moonrise, Mixed Media on Paper
"Dill Pickle" by Moonrise, Mixed Media on Paper

"Dill Pickle" by Moonrise, Mixed Media on Paper

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50" X 36"

Mixed Media on Paper



An an art history major, I became fascinated by how art has historically been both singular yet commercial, bold yet comforting, something you’ve never seen before, but instantly recognize. I began seeing art in everything, the figures emerging from the cracks in the wall, the rust on a train, the images on a billboard. Everything is a canvass. While I use a variety of materials and inspire myself from different schools of art and collage, the subject matter of each work determines the materials used. The art reveals the hidden beauty and complexity of certain overlooked objects and foods by using their unique and limiting shapes. 

Moonrise, born May 22nd, 1988, is a nonbinary artist, painter and sculptor.  Their art has been exhibited in New York, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Venice. Moonrise started as a graffiti artist, painting murals on trains and bridges by tracing characters and landscapes incorporating the dents, stains, cracks and other graffiti into their designs. In 2005 they began painting over billboards with acrylic paint, adding textures and patterns to the images on the advertisements. 

Moonrise transitioned to sculpture and interactive art in 2009. Porcelain and vinyl recreations of their billboard art. In 2011 Moonrise built a giant porcelain corn chip for the desert art festival Burning Man - the chip stood 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide and was covered in collages and paintings. People were encouraged to spray paint or tag the giant chip before it was crushed or “crunched” at the end of the festival. 

Their work is bold, confident and expressive.  Their professional work runs the gamut from classical depictions of patterns and textures to bold and colorful abstractions framed by the curated shapes and outlines of common overlooked things. To large scale sculptures and commissions.