"Heartbeat" By Kim Campbell, Oil on Canvas
"Heartbeat" By Kim Campbell, Oil on Canvas
"Heartbeat" By Kim Campbell, Oil on Canvas

"Heartbeat" By Kim Campbell, Oil on Canvas

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48" x 48"

Original Artwork 

Oil on Canvas



Kim Campbell

Kim Campbell’s career in the visual arts is rooted in her family. She grew up in the Midwest in an artistic and activist family. Politics was a daily subject in her grandmother’s home and she revealed to Kim how she could turn anything into a thing of beauty.

 Campbell moved to Florence, Italy where she studied jewelry design, painting, and sculpture. In the 1980’s Kim moved to California where she broadened her skills in design at the Gale Laurence School of Decorative Arts in San Francisco. Campbell  quickly became one of the Bay Area’s top interior artists. For two plus decades she honed her craft designing and creating wall and furniture finishes, and mentoring numerous craftspeople in faux finishing.

 By 2000 Campbell moved south to Monterey, California where she began to freely unleash her full artistic expression on canvas. Her works often reflect her deep connection to nature as well as the background in wall finishes and metal..

 Campbell has exhibited in local and bay area venues, and she has garnered a growing group of collectors from both her design client base and local patrons. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

Artist Statements:      

 Inspired by the natural world, the elements that connect us, and the cycles of the earth, is where I focus and create. This is the frequency I am most comfortable.”

“I will find a material, such as metal, and I am sparked by its texture and luminosity. I work on a series of pieces simultaneously, moving from one to another. One piece informs the other, and the story continues.” 

“Discovery is what moves me to create. The piece develops on its own in my psyche. I rely intuitively on my knowledge of materials and technique to give it form, trusting the intuitive process of creation. My hope is to inspire the viewer to question, just as the creative process leads me to a new perspective”

Instagram: @kimcampbellstudios

Website: kimpcampbellstudios.com