"Motherboard" by Joseph Ghabi, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Motherboard" by Joseph Ghabi, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Motherboard" by Joseph Ghabi, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Motherboard" by Joseph Ghabi, Mixed Media on Canvas

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31.5" x 47.24" x 1.5" 

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work



Joseph Ghabi

Joseph P. Ghabi was born in Sidon, Lebanon. His clairvoyance was awakened at age of 8, and after finishing high school, he moved to the USA to study Electrical Engineering. He then went on to get a Masters of Science in Computer Science. Three months after graduation, he decided to change direction completely and moved from New York to Montreal, Canada. Today, he resides in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

His past is packed with degrees and certifications given only to people of science and logic, yet Joseph's true gift appears in an area less frequented by typical scientists.

An expert Blueprint Numerologist, Master Healer, #1 Best-Selling Author, and Spiritual Leader, Joseph speaks on topics ranging from relationships and the Law of Attraction to life purpose and past histories. He is well known for his program Soul to Soul Connection where he uses his own gifts to help others free themselves and have peace with their past. He already wrote two books and is working on his third book.

As a Psychosomatic Therapist, and drawing upon his extensive knowledge of Numerology, Joseph developed Psychosomatic Numerology, which focuses on the relationship between one's emotions, mind, and body, in conjunction with Chakras and their connection with diseases.

Joseph's new gift recently showed up in the form of painting. He painted 400 paintings in 3 years. Now, he aligns his gift of healing with painting, meditation, and the energy of colors.

Numbers have vibrations, words have vibrations, and colors have vibrations. Joseph loves experimenting and indulging himself with lots of colors. Everything he paints is an expression of himself and his Soul. 

He is an intuitive artist using lots of colors in his paintings as his compositions are very intense and with strong contrast. His works are powerful bridging his healing energies to his work.

His work will be presented in the upcoming Anthology IV book to be released in February 2022 in Madrid Spain. Copies of that book will be at the National Library of Spain.