“Intertwined Beauty” by Brandon Tisor, Sculpture
“Intertwined Beauty” by Brandon Tisor, Sculpture
“Intertwined Beauty” by Brandon Tisor, Sculpture

“Intertwined Beauty” by Brandon Tisor, Sculpture

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18.5” H x 5” W  7” Diameter Base

Mixed Media 


Original Art Work


Brandon Tisor

Brandon was born in Fontana, CA.  Early on,  the Marvel superhero, The Incredible Hulk was a big influence on his life. Seeing the Hulk, really impacted Brandon’s imagination, and introduced him to a fictional world filled with characters  made by human creativity.

He credits his dad for helping him find his love for fine art. “My dad has always stuck by my side with my art career! I love him dearly!” A graduate from California State University,  Fullerton,  Brandon earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Set Design and  he has taken several other art classes where he discovered his passion for life drawing.  The never ending challenge of drawing the human figure is the battery that makes Brandon constantly strive to get better and better.

As a artist, he wants people to explore and question what is behind the artwork or the story.  He realizes everyone will have a different interpretation and he loves making people think and question the what and why.  Brandon’s artwork is based on our everyday world, and how as a total everyday society we are forever evolving either for the good or for the bad.

Great Masters like Salvador Dali,  Pablo Picasso, Peter Paul Ruebens, Jackson Pollock,  Francis Bacon,  Rembrandt and so many more great masters have helped shape Brandon as an artist. 

Lastly, he is honored to be part of the Lagunaart Gallery. Brandon has been involved in art shows,  freelance illustrative artwork,  live caricature drawing for companies, private parties and other social events and is part of the online Plogix Art Gallery.

Instagram: @brandontisor