"Enigma" by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Enigma" by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Enigma" by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Enigma" by Janice Pluma, Mixed Media on Canvas

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48” X 60” 

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Art Work


Janice Pluma

Janice Pluma, a native Californian, was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Sacramento area. Her interest in art began in childhood, and has never diminished. She spent much of her adult life moving to different locales, and studied fine art at colleges in California, Colorado and North Dakota.

Returning to California, she settled in the central coast city of Santa Maria, and still wanted to obtain a diploma. There was no university in the area offering a fine art degree, so she entered California Poly- technic’s graphic design program in nearby San Luis Obispo. Upon graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Art and Design, she worked for various San Luis Obispo county newspapers and magazines and continued to paint.

Eventually, Janice began a freelance graphics business in Paso Robles, CA where she now resides. Eight years ago, after a successful career as a graphic designer, her primary focus actively returned to fine art. Today, Janice shares a collaborative studio, Atelier 708, with two other artists and shows her work in galleries, and in solo and group exhibitions. Her primary medium is acrylic and her love of texture often leads her into the realm of collage.

Janice is represented by Fire & Rain Gallery, in Folsom, CA and SLO Gallery in San Luis Obispo, CA. Work is also available on her website and NewYorkArt.com.

Instagram: @janicepluma