"Pop Art" By Phil Dynan, Paint on Birch
"Pop Art" By Phil Dynan, Paint on Birch
"Pop Art" By Phil Dynan, Paint on Birch

"Pop Art" By Phil Dynan, Paint on Birch

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48" x 24" x 9"

Original Artwork 

Acrylic on birch



3D Wall sculpture, painted in reverse perspective



Phil Dynan

Phil Dynan is a contemporary artist working in painting, sculpture and performance art from Northern California and London. His passion is colour. His mission is to create unity and inspiration within his audience through visual accessibility.  This is especially evident in his most recent work, 3D, viewer interactive sculptures, painted in reverse perspective.

Self-taught, his work reaches out to a wide audience.  His work touches on commonality and happiness through images that bring people together. At the same time, his work is deliberately “multi-layered” which allows the viewer to simply enjoy the colour and shapes, or to go deeper into a painting and discover other inventions of the mind. His multi-layered work is motivated by his belief that everything and everyone in the world is connected. 

His latest works are the result of working with Shoreditch Artist Patrick Hughes. Along with his partner, Anastasia Nelson and woodworker Bill Yoskowitz, Dynan produces 3D, reverse perspective, painted sculptures that are viewer interactive.  The sculptures are a mix of magic and math and viewers often sway, bob, and even dance in front of the work, which causes different art to appear and disappear in conjunction with whatever motion the viewer makes. The Reverse Perspective sculptures are packed with artwork, galleries, colour, action, and characters so that they are fully and joyfully engaging.


Website: Artist Phil Dynan

Instagram: @phildynan