"Hooked" by Paul Michael Glaser, Digital Painting on Archival MOAB
"Hooked" by Paul Michael Glaser, Digital Painting on Archival MOAB
"Hooked" by Paul Michael Glaser, Digital Painting on Archival MOAB

"Hooked" by Paul Michael Glaser, Digital Painting on Archival MOAB

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45" X 35"

Digital Painting on Archival MOAB




Paul Michael Glaser

Paul Michael Glaser has spent much of his time in recent years devoted to 21st century modern art disciplines, and through his exploration of digital formats and creative processes, the celebrated actor, creator, writer, director, producer and philanthropist has developed a style uniquely his own.

 Abstracts, body-forms and portraits are represented in his collections, as are the creatures and every-day objects which draw in the eye for their colors, unique digital brush work and other worldliness. Glaser equally enjoys expressing his art through digital painting, pencil and charcoal, painted sketches as well as illustrations.

 Glaser’s artworks are difficult to categorize, yet easy to appreciate, and their digital derivation presents them with a contemporary, even cutting-edge presence and appeal.

 “In my professional career, I was fortunate to be a part of such an iconic show, and I’ve also been privileged to have the opportunity and the platform to find my own voice, or maybe voices through these artworks. I’m quite a private person, but I’m grateful for the encouragement I’ve had that’s given me the impetus to share this work.” Paul Michael Glaser

 Glaser's philanthropic work with his late wife's Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation is still a primary focus and he plans to continue to integrate his art into the furthering of this important, life-saving passion.

 Surrounded by creativity, Glaser was born into an inherently creative family in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Throughout his early years in Brookline and Newton he was inspired by his father’s well known original architectural designs and art collection, his Mother’s creative gift of storytelling and the entire family’s passion for theatre, museums, gallery art and symphonies. Together with his two older sisters, Glaser was encouraged to explore his creativity through which he was drawn to a variety of ways in which he could artfully express himself. 

 Glaser graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and English and a Masters Degree in Theatre Arts from Boston University.

 Throughout his childhood Paul Michael Glaser enjoyed drawing and painting, however his early creative endeavors led him to theatre production and performance which in turn led him to the role of Perchik in the acclaimed film Fiddler on the Roof.

 Throughout his twenties he continued to create through his characters while also continuing to draw and paint as well as write poetry and screenplays. In 1974, Glaser was chosen out of hundreds of actors to play a leading role on the award winning television series Starsky and Hutch which to this day continues to attract world-wide viewership and dedicated social media followers. The keen viewer will often see Glaser's artwork in many of the TV series scenes. Glaser progressively grew in a variety of disciplines including directing, creating, writing and production.

 Later in life, Glaser published a successful book, “Chrystallia, And The Source Of Light”. He also created a book of his artwork integrated with poetry, "The Edge of Whimsy." Glaser is currently in the final stages of illustrating his second book, “Hookfoot and Peg, A Cautionary Tale."

 Glaser is a devoted father to his grown children and continues to vigorously enjoy outdoor activities such as golf and fishing and resides in California. Glaser has exhibited his artwork throughout Los Angeles and it has been placed both on television and film as well as within private collections.

 “My style of artwork emanates from the many facets of my life, both joyous and tragic and full of incredible highs and unbearable lows. In my art I enjoy inhabiting contradiction and irony, sometimes humorous, sometimes painful, each conflicting with while illuminating the other. To experience both, for me, is the edge of whimsy.”  Paul Michael Glaser

 Instagram: @paulmichaelglaserofficial