"Brave" by Crista Hope, Mixed Media on Paper
"Brave" by Crista Hope, Mixed Media on Paper
"Brave" by Crista Hope, Mixed Media on Paper

"Brave" by Crista Hope, Mixed Media on Paper

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35.5" x 28" 

Mixed Media on Paper (Gouache, Oil Pastel, Ink, Colored Pencil & Marker on paper)

Original Art Work 


Crista Hope

Crista Hope grew up in Indianapolis, IN.  After graduating from DePauw University with BA in Writing, Crista moved to New York City where she interned and eventually worked in the photo department at Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.  After working for Interview Crista worked for the famous party photographer Patrick McMullan who was also discovered by Andy Warhol. After deciding to move on from the photography industry, Crista went to work for the New York Open Center where she worked with the some of the worlds most renowned spiritual teachers while going back to school to get her Masters in Art & Spirituality from New York University.  In 2006, Crista moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to take a break from city life.  Crista moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and currently lives in Venice Beach.  Passionate about mental health, she taught art as therapy in addiction recovery centers in Orange County and Los Angeles until the pandemic hit the US in March of 2020.  Throughout all her various endeavors, Crista has always made art.  She has been actively creating new work for over twenty years and after the onset of the global pandemic made the decision to pursue her art career full time.  Crista has been commissioned by the likes of Pastor, Author & world-renowned life coach Tim Storey.  Her work is shown at Art Unified in Venice, CA ands been shown at B&G Gallery in Santa Monica, CA and hangs in homes, restaurants and offices around the country.  

Crista is also the founder of The HopeHope, a company that is the channel for her lifelong work to advocate for mental health awareness, the radical revision of the mental health care system and her mission to help people utilize creativity as a healing tool within this context.  Crista’s ultimate vision is to help create a world where love speaks louder than fear on every street corner, in every room and home, and in every heart and mind.et corner… in every room and home… and in every heart and mind.

Instagram:  @cristahopeart