"Untroubled-Jackson Square" by Jon Fraze, Oil on Canvas
"Untroubled-Jackson Square" by Jon Fraze, Oil on Canvas
"Untroubled-Jackson Square" by Jon Fraze, Oil on Canvas

"Untroubled-Jackson Square" by Jon Fraze, Oil on Canvas

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28" x 22"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work 



Jon Fraze 

A Master’s degree in art and design, and a long career in commercial art, have provided Jon Fraze the liberty to develop the more personal expression of his fine art. Professionally, he has achieved recognition and awards for his work, and his original pieces have been sought after by collectors. His personal work is thus the product of years of study, practice, and strict self-criticism, with a particular devotion to the broad possibilities of representational art.

The son of an immigrant from WWII-era Germany, and the spouse of a Jamaican immigrant raised in the Bronx, Jon’s unique personal ties have influenced his artistic vision. Frequent travels to Europe and New York have provided visual subject matter and inspiration, as well as giving him the opportunity to visit many of the world’s great museums (and a lot of minor ones) to experience the old masters in their originals. His familial connections color his work: he absorbs the world not quite as a native, but neither as a tourist. His inspirations are drawn from life, but his subject matter is mood and atmosphere.

Jon’s conviction that creativity is the offspring of hard work and practice are the drivers of his continuing evolution.

Instagram: @jonfraze.art