"A Salad Riot" by Oshi, Mixed Media on Paper
"A Salad Riot" by Oshi, Mixed Media on Paper
"A Salad Riot" by Oshi, Mixed Media on Paper

"A Salad Riot" by Oshi, Mixed Media on Paper

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11.6" x 8.26"

Acrylic, oil pastel, and graphite on paper
Original Art Work    




Oshi is a fine artist and illustrator who focuses on abstract impressionist style painting and surreal, often splatterpunk, style illustration. For his abstract paintings, Oshi mainly uses acrylic paint, oil pastel, ballpoint pen, charcoal, and ink, in conjunction with other materials such as cotton fabric, nylon fabric, and Japanese washi paper. Oshi uses only ballpoint pens for his surreal illustrations.

Since Oshi is autistic, lives with chronic depression and social anxiety, and is a survivor of child abuse and school/social bullying, his art explores the relationship between his mental condition and the dark side of human psychology. In his surreal illustrations, Oshi creates unsettling and subtly grotesque images with a hint of twisted humor, often projecting his sexual desires and fetishes on them.

Although Oshi had formal college art education, earning a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a master of fine arts degree from Western Connecticut State University, he is a self-taught abstract painter and surrealist illustrator. He considers his artistic position close to outsider art.

Because Oshi believes strongly in his motto, "Let ONLY the Art Do the Talking," he prefers to maintain his identity as anonymous as possible, unwilling to unnecessarily disclose private information like his real name or the place he currently lives.
Instagram: @oshiartist