"2 Pieces" by Christine Hausserman, Diptych Mixed Media on Metal
"2 Pieces" by Christine Hausserman, Diptych Mixed Media on Metal
"2 Pieces" by Christine Hausserman, Diptych Mixed Media on Metal

"2 Pieces" by Christine Hausserman, Diptych Mixed Media on Metal

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72" X 72"

Right Piece: 36" X 72"

Left Piece: 36" X 72"


Mixed Media on Metal (fussed dichroic glass/ beads fussed/ inlaid into heavy acrylic  on metal)

Original Art Work



Christine Hausserman

Christine Hausserman is an abstract mixed media glass artist currently living and working in Fallbrook, California.  She combines the luminescent and vibrant effects of fused dichroic glass with the tactile properties of acrylic paint in earth tones. What characterizes her art is the unique way in which she explores contrasts in color, light and texture. 

Christine’s complex process involves adding and removing many layers of paint on the glass using an impasto technique to achieve a myriad of reflective qualities. The viewer’s perspective continuously evolves with the ever-changing quality of light, time of day, and the position of the viewer. The multi-faceted visual effects are mesmerizing. 

She creates her works of art in a variety of sizes and proportions and mounts them on wood and aluminum. They reveal a dynamic contrast between organic and technological characteristics. Her circular compositions signify unity and the balance of masculine and feminine counterparts. She finds the mosaic technique to be reflective of the life itself.  Every tiny piece coming together to create a whole.  Much like how each of our individual lives, loves and skillsets come together to create to whole of society.  Each a crucial part of the whole, no matter how seemingly insignificant.  She find the light of the glass to be indicative of our inner light and loves that drive us and make us who we are.  

The artist’s creative innovation has attracted many different private and public collectors that include the USC Medical Building, La Quinta Community Center and various other professional settings.  She has received awards in many juried art shows that include Best of Show, North Park Festival of the Arts and two Second Place awards in Glass at Indian Wells Art Festival. She has also exhibited at the Beverly Hills Art Show. Her art has been featured in the Los Angeles Register, Art Catalogue by the Sea, and About Town Magazine, among others. She has made numerous television appearances with her art. 

Born in Wisconsin, Christine received her BFA with a concentration in New Genre from Sierra Nevada College in 2003 where she was on the Dean’s Honors List and voted artist most likely to succeed.

Instagram: @christineHausserman