"Connection - Abstract" by Ane Howard, Oil and Acrilyc on Canvas
"Connection - Abstract" by Ane Howard, Oil and Acrilyc on Canvas
"Connection - Abstract" by Ane Howard, Oil and Acrilyc on Canvas

"Connection - Abstract" by Ane Howard, Oil and Acrilyc on Canvas

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30" X 40"

Oil and Acrilyc on Canvas

Original Art Work

This vibrant painting lives in warm tones while the other two panels are cool blues. It would look as good in a room adjacent to a garden or by a window.


Ane Howard  

Mixed Media Artist

Ventura, California

Self-taught artist Ane Howard describes her works as "the expression of ideas and emotions sourced directly from my life and the culture I live in and a reflection of my personal growth."

Merging her love of abstract and figurative expressionism with the artist's decades of artistic exploration in different forms such as dance, theater, film, and writing, the works presented in Summer 2021 at the International Art Museum of America are Howard's major independent work of the past two years.

"I would describe my work as expressionist art, highly emotive and intuitive. Having worked in various art forms in the past, as a painter, I truly focus on the direct relations I have from my deeper self to paint-to-canvas."

Katrina Gomez, Art Curator – International Art Museum of America in San Francisco, California, described Ane Howard's work as follow:

Howard's impressively vibrant art will immerse visitors in exuberant, saturated colors and raw emotions. Howard pushes the boundaries of paintings in terms of their poetic potential, in tandem with her investigations of the power of colors, forms, and feminine principles. Her practice in spiritual and intellectual explorations has led to successive artistic endeavors. Still, paintings seem to be the medium in which her emotive brushstrokes can be stretched to the limit of what they can do and express. Being a self-taught artist, Ane Howard demonstrates an impressive range from figurative to seascape and abstract.

Ultimately, her work explores what it means for one artist to fully connect to her environment and expresses what others in the culture cannot.