“Color Bomb” By Rajvir Singh, Mixed Media on Canvas
“Color Bomb” By Rajvir Singh, Mixed Media on Canvas

“Color Bomb” By Rajvir Singh, Mixed Media on Canvas

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48" x 48"

Original Artwork 

Resin and Ink on Stretched canvas

This piece was created during the first week of a new decade, 2020. Rajvir uses colors that represent joy, happiness, love, exuberance, vitality and hope- all the emotions that express what this new year means to him.

About Rajvir:

It was the summer of 2018. After more than 30 years in India, Rajvir decided to pack his bags and move to the US to be with his wife. Having been the fourth generation police officer in his family, making the decision to quit his job, say goodbye to his mother and move to a whole new country was, understandably, a hard decision.

As soon as the flight took off, Rajvir’s mind raced. He barely slept a wink in the 16-hour flight. Will I be able to ‘make it’? Where can I contribute? How can I make a positive impact in this new country? It was at this moment that he looked out of the airplane window, and was mesmerized by the wide expanse of ocean down below. God’s exquisite creation, in all it’s beauty, seemed to send him a message.That’s when it hit him. The idea that he was meant to be an Artist all his life, and that’s exactly what he should pursue.

Having created his first artwork in grade four, his passion had taken a back seat since the last few years. But it seemed like the Universe had something bigger, and better, in mind. A whole new country, and a fresh start doing what sets his soul free- creating art, creating beauty, bringing God’s work to you.