by Tarman, Oil on Wood Panel
by Tarman, Oil on Wood Panel
by Tarman, Oil on Wood Panel

by Tarman, Oil on Wood Panel

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18” x 24”

Oil on Wood Panel

Original Artwork





Tarman is a professional oil painter with a passion for capturing the world in vivid, luminous colors. Her artwork, seen in notable places like The LA Times and John Wayne Airport, takes you on a journey through themes of astronauts, butterflies, and dreamy landscapes. She's not just painting scenes; she's reimagining reality into something unique and imaginative. Her art is a testament to the beauty around us and the boundless possibilities we often overlook.

Growing up, Tarman was the kid who chose drawing over outdoor play, and was known as "the kid who could draw" in grammar school. Her passion for art led her to Cal State Fullerton, and post-graduation, she ventured into entrepreneurship. She ran a successful design firm for over ten years, bringing designs to corporate clients. Now living in Huntington Beach, California with her spouse, son, and their French Bulldog, Tarman dedicates her days to her true passion: creating captivating oil paintings in her studio, continuing to explore and share her vision of freedom, curiosity, and discovery. 

Instagram: @TarmanArt