"Blue Bee" by Kelly Coffman, Mixed Media
"Blue Bee" by Kelly Coffman, Mixed Media

"Blue Bee" by Kelly Coffman, Mixed Media

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24" X 24"  

Mixed Media 

Original Artwork


Kelly Coffman

Kelly Coffman, a seasoned artist with 45 years of experience in the art field. Having grown up in Kansas, Kelly's artistic journey began at an early age, where he discovered his innate passion for self-expression through various artistic mediums. Fueling his artistic aspirations, he pursued formal education in art at the University of Kansas.

However, in the early 1990s, Kelly made a bold decision to put his artistic pursuits on hold and ventured into a different pursuit—the world of professional bowling. With his dedication and skill, he achieved a successful career as a professional bowler, traversing the globe and leaving his mark on the sport.

After his stint in bowling, Kelly made a significant transition and found himself settling in Southern California, in the city of Irvine. It is here that he reignited his artistic flame, dedicating himself to creating exceptional art that captivates the imagination.

Kelly's artistic endeavors revolved around commissioned works for private individuals, which speak volumes about his talent and expertise. However, his creative prowess extends beyond personal commissions.

Not one to rest on past achievements, Kelly Coffman has embarked on a new artistic venture, exploring a captivating fusion of abstract and realism art. This innovative medium combines epoxy abstract techniques with meticulous acrylic hand painting, resulting in mesmerizing works of art that seamlessly blend the boundaries of the two artistic styles. Kelly's exploration of this new medium showcases his unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and seeking fresh avenues of self-expression.

Kelly Coffman's journey as an artist has been defined by passion, adaptability, and an unwavering dedication to his craft. With his unique blend of experience, skill, and artistic vision, he continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the art world.

Artist Quote:

As an artist, I am often questioned about the process behind my artistic choices. The answer to this inquiry is quite simple. My art emanates from deep emotional experiences and personal connections. Inspiration can strike at any moment, be it in dreams or from the sights that captivate me during the day. I have always possessed a unique perspective, perceiving the world through a distinct lens. When encountering something that moves me, I begin envisioning how I would translate it onto canvas, contemplating the palette of colors that would best convey its essence. Painting serves as my therapy—a transient respite from reality. In those moments, nothing else holds significance; the act of creation becomes my sole focus.