"Sun Kissed Sea" by Logan Kirkpatrick, Oil on Canvas

"Sun Kissed Sea" by Logan Kirkpatrick, Oil on Canvas

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40 x 30"

Oil on Canvas

Original Artwork



Logan is a Massachusetts based artist primarily working in oil paints.

Her style of work is a unique fusion that embodies qualities of impressionism and abstract art, frequently paired with bold expressive color schemes.  

Common subjects explored in her work include, but are not limited to, waterscapes, cityscapes, and reflections.

While she is working, she thinks of the buildings and ships often featured in her work as people. Using colors and textures to shape their personalities and emotions throughout the process.

The physical reflections depicted in her paintings lead her to explore the idea of self-reflection. As if the reflections in the water are showing what the buildings and ships are thinking of themselves, at a moment in time.

A finished painting, to Logan, does not need to be perfect. More importantly, it must compel you to feel something.