"Abstract Marine" by Joe Valencic, Acrylic on Wood Panel
"Abstract Marine" by Joe Valencic, Acrylic on Wood Panel

"Abstract Marine" by Joe Valencic, Acrylic on Wood Panel

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46" x 30"

Acrylic on Wood Panel

Original Artwork




Joe Valencic

Professor Joe Valencic is both a Marine Scientist/Educator and an artist. His artistic path started with abstract paintings that were in southern CA. galleries and design stores. His art then focused on painting exotic racing and supercars - combining a love for both exotic cars and abstract art. He produced two books on his Exotic Car Art and was exclusively featured for one month in the MERC gallery in Temecula, CA. His work has appeared in the Laguna Art Gallery for the past 4 months.

In addition to being an artist, he used engineering talents to develop a range of technologies for artists including unique back-lighting systems with motion and WiFi control, magnetic mounting systems for various types of art, as well as the Quad-Mount system used on abstract art pieces.

The Quad-Mount system permits the owner to mount the painting in 4 different orientations based on their preference and desired mounting location. The "right way" to hang this abstract is given to the owner. Moving a painting to a different location also allows the owner to select a vertical or horizontal orientation. The artist signature appears on the back and not on the front of the painting.