"Abstract Floral Slice" by Dwight Touchberry, Mixed Media on Recycled Surfboard

"Abstract Floral Slice" by Dwight Touchberry, Mixed Media on Recycled Surfboard

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18.5” x 12”

Mixed Media on Recycled Surfboard

Original Art Work


Hand-painted , using acrylic airbrush and spray paint on an old surfboard slice.


Dwight Touchberry

Dwight has been creating pieces of art from an early age and these days are no exception. He loves working with his hands to create one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork on a multitude of surfaces and with various mediums. From watercolor and acrylic on canvas to objects made with wood and other found materials including surfboards, he is always thinking about his next piece of art. 

Dwight spent most of his youth in North Carolina. He went to East Carolina University, getting a BFA degree in Communication Arts and a minor in illustration and painting.

After college, Dwight moved to the Washington D.C. area for work at several advertising/marketing agencies. While there, he met his future wife Laurie. Dwight and his family with two grown children now reside in South Orange County, California where he continues to hone his skills as a designer and artist.

Formerly a surfer himself, Dwight began his foray into painting surfboards after being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. At that time there was no definite prognosis so he began creating art furiously, not wanting to waste any time, even while going through chemotherapy. Today he is considered Cancer free and his passion and drive to create his unique surfboards is still strong.