"The Beating of My Heart Kills Me Slow" by Dominic Dunsmore, Acrylic on Canvas
"The Beating of My Heart Kills Me Slow" by Dominic Dunsmore, Acrylic on Canvas
"The Beating of My Heart Kills Me Slow" by Dominic Dunsmore, Acrylic on Canvas

"The Beating of My Heart Kills Me Slow" by Dominic Dunsmore, Acrylic on Canvas

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36" x 48"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Artwork



Dominic Dunsmore

Dominic Dunsmore is an American Filipino artist from San Bernardino, CA. Born into a family of artists, art has always been in his blood. His early influences came from his Grandfather, who was a gifted artist and a member of MENSA. As an adolescent he received his first set of oils and canvases from his Auntie which opened his heart to the beautiful world of art, a world he was destined to be a part of. 

As an autodidact, Dominic's exploration of different techniques and mediums brought more depth to his work. Expanding his vision with the bold use of vibrant colors, an array of textures and an appetite for large scale pieces, he quickly gained attention for his work. In his arsenal he uses everything from oil, acrylic and ink, to glass beads, modeling paste, gels and tars to create mixed media masterpieces. In 2010 he started doing commissioned work for collectors in the Inland Empire. His beautifully vibrant and complex works of art have been obtained b collectors worldwide. 

Dominic has had solo gallery showings and has demonstrated his amazing talents as a featured artist at art festivals. He is an exhibiting member of the BAA and the flourishing Inland Empire art community. As a visionary abstract artist Dominic Dunsmore will continue to embrace and contribute to the magnificent art world on a mission to spread Love, Peace, Happiness, and a Passion for Art.


I paint from a place of Darkness, Pain, Love and Light. I feel as if I am multiplying myself into my work, birthing paintings through pieces of my Soul. It takes a whirlwind of emotions to create each piece but from the deafening chaos comes beauty. Most of my pieces have several paintings under them, layers of being, that is why I consider them living breathing works of art with bone and cartilage, flesh, blood, and Spirit. I feel like in most of my art there are so many stories going on all at once, and their beauty and complexity is a symphony orchestrated by my Soul. For me art is healing, while creating art it feels like thousands of chains that bind my mind are disenchanted with the finished product and my Ego is liberated from all space and time bringing me to a place of peace where I can feel my Spirit clearly. People always ask about my creation process, where does my inspiration come from, how do I know what I am going to paint, I always tell them I put the brush in my hand and let my Soul guide me.

"I have always been attracted to art, it has always called my name. One day I picked up a brush and like an old Lover from past lives the connection was compelling.... I am the art, it is of Me. I hope people enjoy my art with as much passion as it takes to create it. Remember... You have the Light of God in Your Eyes….. always Love and God Bless."
- Dominic Dunsmore