"Movement" by Billy Moro-Wey, Oil on Canvas
"Movement" by Billy Moro-Wey, Oil on Canvas
"Movement" by Billy Moro-Wey, Oil on Canvas

"Movement" by Billy Moro-Wey, Oil on Canvas

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20” x 24”

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



This is a painting in which the subject has experienced an early success in life and is utterly contended. What can be a better way to exhibit her freedom and excitement than to float in the air on top of a magical balloon over a shimmering sea surface at sunset? The whole world for her is in an exciting motion.


Billy Moro-Wey

Most people know me as Billy Moro-Wey when my face is attached to it, whereas others know me by that name through my art. My art and I are soul mates and are inseparable. My artistic adventure started in Africa, grew in Europe and is expanding in America.

I am currently a practicing professional visual artist in New York City where I run two art studios. My specialties are painting oil on canvas, creating permanently glazed wall tile murals, producing experimental and traditional ceramic art pieces, and executing exciting portraits for clients by order.

I share my artistic experience with people as an art educator and exhibit my works around the world. Hundreds of my original works are in many homes and institutions. They are my small pieces of immortality, a testament of my being in more than one place at the same time.

I welcome challenges and love to participate in art contests and workshops. I have won scores of awards and prizes in my artistic career. Just like writers, there are lots of untold stories I’ll like to translate into visual forms. I am never tired of carrying out experiments in various art media just to satisfy my curiosity and creativity.

Creating art to me is happiness. Just like living things need food for their survival, my art is essential for my well-being and contentment.


Masters in Art Education  New York, 2003

Post-graduate Experience in Architectural Ceramic: University of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland 1985

Master of Fine Art: University of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland 1983