"Moment of Clarity" by Chris Johnson, Oil on Canvas
"Moment of Clarity" by Chris Johnson, Oil on Canvas
"Moment of Clarity" by Chris Johnson, Oil on Canvas

"Moment of Clarity" by Chris Johnson, Oil on Canvas

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36" x 36"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Chris Johnson

Self-taught artist from Nyack, NY. My painting style is contemporary abstract expressionism, working in the oil medium. In 2017, I walked away from a 20+ year career in advertising to pursue my passion for art, to be true to myself.

Discovering my art has been a long and winding journey. Visually and creatively oriented from a young age, my interest in art increased in high-school and college through a series of painting, ceramics and design classes. However, fear and self-doubt set in. Pursuing a career in art wasn’t clear, confidence was lacking and the expectations to a be a successful “corporate citizen” were too great. I succumbed to the “norm” and pursued a path I felt would please others. 

As my career in advertising unfolded, discontent increased. I fell victim to addiction which took everything from me, nearly my life. Starting over in 2010, I entered recovery and have been clean and sober since. While still working in advertising, I rekindled my artistic interests. Immediately, a sense of joy and peace returned. Over the next several years, I devoted more time to my artwork. In 2017, I committed to pursuing my dream of being a full-time working artist.  

Painting allows me to express my innermost feelings, to be at peace, fearless. Above all, I can be myself. My work is me.

My art is my truth – a deeply thoughtful, vulnerable and honest expression of who I am. It tells my story – one of pain and darkness to hope and freedom. Meaningful life experiences, consequences of addiction, finding a new way of life, discovering my purpose serve as focal points for my work.

Bold, vibrant colors are at the center, reflecting my passion for the fullness of life. The exploration of color provides a diverse means of communication. Blending of colors and how they complement one another. Their relationships through shapes and movement, clean line work and bold marks allow me to capture the depth of emotions and meaning I need to achieve my vision of telling a story of hope and courage.

Painting awakens my spirit. Free and with an open heart, I’m able to communicate and connect in the most pure and genuine fashion. I paint to share my journey, to bear my soul, to heal and to inspire.

My work can be found on Etsy, Saatchi Art, Artsy and Wescover. A highlight of my exhibitions and events are listed below:

  • Chateau Orquevaux Artist-in-Residence: March 2022

  • The Other Art Fair Los Angeles:  June 24-27, 2021

  • Piermont Flywheel Gallery Solo Show: February 2020

  • Miami Art Basel – Spectrum Miami: December 2019

  • Published in Capsules Book Curatorial Volume 2: May 2020

  • Published in Art Folio Annual: May 2020

  • Woodstock New-Paltz Art Festival: September 2018 & 2019

Instagram: @chrisjohnsonartist