"#0267" by Gary Coles, Acrylic on MDF
"#0267" by Gary Coles, Acrylic on MDF
"#0267" by Gary Coles, Acrylic on MDF

"#0267" by Gary Coles, Acrylic on MDF

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24" x 24"

Acrylic MDF

Original Art Work



Gary Coles

Over the years, I have learned to combine the Body, Mind, and Spirit in my paintings. Within this series of paintings, you will find a visual tribute to the artists of the Hard Edge Movement that started in the 1950s. I used their influence to create a series of images that embody the spirit of the movement in design. The purest form of honesty is found in pure color.

The definition of hard-edge is a style of painting that includes geometric shapes with clearly defined edges or any image that is intense or clearly defined. An abstract painting consisting of geometric shapes is an example of a painting that would be described as hard-edge. Following the lead of Mondrian and his study of Neoplasticism has shaped my own theories on art and I continue to expand the language.

I use my designs & colors to reflect on the Body by using the visual appeal while combining the Mind with the overall design, and wrapping it all together with the Spirit by using the emotional abilities of the color to hold it all together.

Born in the greater Pittsburgh area studied art & communications at Geneva College. Also studied under a local mentor that taught me that anyone can create a

masterpiece once but it takes a master to create it over and over again. It took me years to fully understand that concept and meaning, but once I did. My artwork has never been the same.

As an artist, I have changed subject matter but I have always kept the same principles of creating the best piece with the least amount of materials while giving honor to those that have helped me. This is something I have learned from studying my personality and character with the help of the Briggs & Myers tests. I add my soul to each piece and create from a place of understanding.

Instagram: @artbygarycoles