"Galaxy" by Souzan Zargari, Acrylic on Canvas
"Galaxy" by Souzan Zargari, Acrylic on Canvas
"Galaxy" by Souzan Zargari, Acrylic on Canvas

"Galaxy" by Souzan Zargari, Acrylic on Canvas

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60" X 72"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work


Souzan Zargari

Souzan Zargari is a painter of lines and color , using them to create characters to reflect her emotions.she creates new images using contrast colors bold lines and forms for her characters in the paintings.after high school , she completed a seven year course of sculpture and paintings and 2 years graphic design with professor Ali Rezaei , well known in Iran , as her tutors.she has participated in several exhibitions in Tehran , Iran after she graduate from her course in private art institute for more than 6 year worked with several galleries, she was born in Iran and lived there until 2005 when she moved to los angeles. Zargari, as a child, started to translate her imaginations and feeling onto paper,Since 2006 she had a several galleries in laguna beach...she belongs to the orange county fine Arts, and also has a studio..

Artist statement :

My paintings express my emotions . the characters are warm and express powerful thoughts and emotions. the characters fade into the lines , which become stronger. As the lines become stronger , the colors become more powerful ,My inner emotions and feelings let me express myself through the paintings and share my love.creating new thing with the contrast and forms ,for the characters in the painting , going from expression to abstract make my dreams come true.