"Lines" by Ben Steele, Photograph on Fine Art Paper
"Lines" by Ben Steele, Photograph on Fine Art Paper
"Lines" by Ben Steele, Photograph on Fine Art Paper

"Lines" by Ben Steele, Photograph on Fine Art Paper

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30" x 45"

Photograph on Fine Art Paper

Limited Edition


Motion blur across a Southern California horizon. Blurred horizons are to this day one of my favorite shooting techniques.


Ben Steele

To save you the time that it would take to convey my entire life story, I’ll give you the “spark notes” version.

  • Spent much of my early life in Colorado where I found a love and appreciation for the outdoors.

  • At the age 19 departed for England and South Wales where I spent two years serving a foreign mission trip. These were some of the most beneficial and inspiring years of my life thus far.

  • Attended university at Brigham Young (still Mormon at the time) and received a degree in Public Relations. I quickly learned that the best education comes outside the classroom.

  • During my time studying I founded a men’s accessory brand called Sir Wylde and sold it for enough to cover my costs. Although this was far from a “home run” company, I learned a ton and loved every minute of it. I will never forget the nights I fell asleep at my small office after a 14 hour day of painstakingly working to build something great.

  • After selling the brand and having the yearning (naive as it may have been) to serve the country in the military, I decided to join the military as an officer. I met with recruiters and decided Marine Corps because it seemed like the best of the best.

  • Spent nearly a year in the Washington D.C. area, Quantico specifically, first passing Officer Candidate School then follow on trainings and had a hell of a time. Got my ass kicked, but met some great friends and challenged myself in ways I had never imagined.

  • Got selected as a Logistics Officer in 2018 and completed this stage of training in North Carolina. Received orders to Camp Pendleton to 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines the Magnificent Bastards as part of the fighting 5th Regiment the most decorated regiment in the Marine Corps.

  • For the following three years I did my best to do right by my country, my family, and most importantly the men and women that I had the privilege of serving alongside. Completed a Marine Corps workup of training and deployed to Southeast Asia on the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit.

  • This brings us roughly to today. Over the experiences I’ve packed into the past decade I have gained a love for adventure, good people, the outdoors, unique cultures, and meaningful stories. This is largely what has led me to my current pursuits of photography and video as it provides a medium for me to share some of my experiences with those around me.