"Portofino Boat Reflections" by Grant Pecoff, Giclee on Canvas
"Portofino Boat Reflections" by Grant Pecoff, Giclee on Canvas
"Portofino Boat Reflections" by Grant Pecoff, Giclee on Canvas

"Portofino Boat Reflections" by Grant Pecoff, Giclee on Canvas

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30" X 40"

Giclee on Canvas


Grant Pecoff

Gazing into a Grant Pecoff painting, you are drawn into an atmosphere where vibrant light and electric colors surrealistically warp familiar images into extraordinary compositions. With rich dynamic blues, radiant golden oranges and fiery bold crimsons, Pecoff’s art passionately invites our hearts to awaken and to expand our imaginations to be filled with endless possibilities.

As a world traveler, Pecoff has embarked upon many international pilgrimages,
painting some of the world's most spectacular and beloved cityscapes, dramatic coastal views, breathtaking sunsets, expansive cloud formations and nautical themes. At the heart of Grant Pecoff’s talent is his ability to share the way he sees life with viewers.

Pecoff's early successes led to the opening of his first gallery in the affluent beachside town of Del Mar, California at the young age of 27 and then five years later, his second gallery in the hip neighborhood of Little Italy, San Diego. Pecoff’s work has been represented interna- tionally at galleries in Canada, France, Spain, The Bahamas, Hawaii and the USA, and proudly exhibited by art collectors worldwide.

From the Artist:

How amazing is this world we live in? Are we awake? In our fast paced lives we often overlook the beauty and life that is all around us. We no longer see it in the trees, buildings, the people at our sides, or even in ourselves. Many of us are living “inside the box” – restrict- ed by limitations we’ve placed upon ourselves, without even noticing. We are numb, our senses asleep. My paintings are a reminder, a call to wake us up to the vibrant life that is all around us. By traveling the globe and painting new cultures, places, and perspectives, I recreate that beauty, that reminder in color and movement that inspires each of us, and wakes us up.

Enjoy my paintings; I hope they bring you joy, passion, and freedom in your life. And wake
you up, to experience the world – out of the box.”

Instagram: @pecoffart