"Many Faces" by Kassandra Carey, Ceramic
"Many Faces" by Kassandra Carey, Ceramic

"Many Faces" by Kassandra Carey, Ceramic

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20"x 21" x 20"

Ceramic (Pinched Vase with ceramic materials and a variety of sculptural glazes)

Original Artwork



Kassandra Carey

My name is Kassandra I have been working with ceramics and pottery for quite a few years and love exploring and the never ending experimentation that comes within this medium. I learned from an early age that 3 Dimensional design and sculpture were my passions driving me. 

Through this world of ceramics I can release and express myself in ways I never thought possible. Each piece is a train of thought evoking a wide range of emotions and ideals. I want to have fun and break outside the conventional boundaries placed within the utilitarian and functional ware concepts. Adding dimensions and layers in and between each piece is what I want you to see and be excited by. When you continually find a new treasure within the work as you look at it is really a treat. 

Inspiration all over and all one has to do is just go and try it. There’s no success without failures and there’s beauty within each imperfection and that is what I live by.