"Manifestation" by Pola Rubis, Acrylic / Epoxy on Canvas
"Manifestation" by Pola Rubis, Acrylic / Epoxy on Canvas
"Manifestation" by Pola Rubis, Acrylic / Epoxy on Canvas

"Manifestation" by Pola Rubis, Acrylic / Epoxy on Canvas

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40" X 30"

Mixed media on Canvas (Wood / Acrylic / Sculpture / Golden Leave décor)

Original Art Work



Pola Rubis

Pola Rubis was born in Siberia, Russia. A multitalented artist, she currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. For more than fifteen years, Pola has been successfully working as an artist, book author, photographer, choreographer and yoga teacher. Her art is carried by many collectors throughout the world. She is also known for her beautiful art shows. 

She started painting when she was a child, and has been creating her art ever since. Everything she saw and experienced inspired her to paint, especially the nature, its contrasts of colors, patterns and textures, its rich and resistant Siberian beauty.

Pola explored the abstract and graphic techniques and studied sculpture with the best Siberian art teachers.

Her paintings began winning local, then regional competitions.

To connect deeper with her roots and learn ancient art techniques, Pola applied and was accepted into the Novosibirsk University, where she studied art and crafts, like sawing, knitting, weaving and others. She graduated with honors and obtained a Masters Degree.

She also pursued her dancing career at the same time. Studying choreography and movement design have given Pola a richer vision for her artistic expression, a better understanding of human emotions and how to stir them with her art.

Pola’s artistic style is a synthesis of various elements, such as photography, sculpture, painting and graphic design. Her art fully reflects her emotional state and mood at the moment of creation.

With her art, Pola aims to provoke feelings, emotions, questions, thoughts and experiences.


“I see art as one of the most powerful  forms of communication, when I can speak to people’s hearts and shift their perception towards the endless exploration of the unknown.” Pola Rubis

Instagram: @polarubis_art