"Ajedrez" by Oscar Martínez, Acrylic on Paper
"Ajedrez" by Oscar Martínez, Acrylic on Paper
"Ajedrez" by Oscar Martínez, Acrylic on Paper

"Ajedrez" by Oscar Martínez, Acrylic on Paper

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22" x 30" Unframed

30" x 40" Framed

Acrylic on Paper

Original Artwork

Private Collection - Exhibiting on the Physical Gallery

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Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martínez was born in 1951, in Ixtepec, Oaxaca. During his youth he dedicated himself to the study of painting and sculpture in 'la esmeralda" and is currently considered part of the current called: "Oaxacan school of painting". His work stands out for the rhythmic movement and the plasticity of his compositions. In his paintings, color is a plastic element since it is strongly established, that is to say, he attributes a meaning full of strength and mysticism to it.

Oscar Martínez remains faithful to the symbols and colors that make up his
Pictorial language, the security he has achieved on canvas arose from experimentation that has spanned several years, in Martínez's mystical visions the tension between the forces of nature, vitality of young Oaxaca painting, references to the past, native cultures and, above all, a redefinition of the everyday using a mixture of childish calligraphy and absolute communication with color.

In juchitan the tension between the forces of nature and the energy that
Flows from the religious mystical to the vitality of young Oaxacan painting is perceived, references to the past and native cultures share the pages of this work and mix with the traces of children's calligraphy and mystical visions. In Oaxacan painting, color is not only a decorative element, since it has a symbolic value in it, we can realize that the Tlacuilo is still alive. Oscar Martínez arrived in Juchitán more than 26 years ago and it was there where he developed his art, since Juchitán is a base for the inspiration of many artists.