"Meditation Series" by Myla Gonzales, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Meditation Series" by Myla Gonzales, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Meditation Series" by Myla Gonzales, Mixed Media on Canvas

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5" x 7"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork



Myla Gonzales

Myla believes that when our eyes are more aware of the world around us, the inspirations and the appreciations unlock the gifts of creativity we all innately possess. The Academy of Art University has enabled her to show children how to hone their artistic abilities at an art studio in southern California.

This world is constantly inundated with modern technology; we must oftentimes find solace in meditation. In order for positive energy to radiate from within, we must take good care of our wellbeing, longing to find a stream of blissful moments. She has found that in creating her works of art. In our journey, we are affected directly and indirectly by the people and animals we meet and the events we experience. From fleeting moments to large encounters and with external forces, we are in a perpetual state of evolution. The interconnection of all those energies makes us who we are at that very moment.

She believes that the positive energy she is able to share emanates from the spirit, through the mind and from the body and onto the canvas. With her love for texture, the use of different mediums to translate thoughts, ideas and emotions into a multidimensional piece. She is truly grateful to be able to share the amalgamation of mediums and positive thoughts with you.