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"Deliverance" by Kevin Hoertig, Oil on Canvas
"Deliverance" by Kevin Hoertig, Oil on Canvas
"Deliverance" by Kevin Hoertig, Oil on Canvas

"Deliverance" by Kevin Hoertig, Oil on Canvas

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16" x 20"

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Kevin Hoertig

I'm a modern romanticist oil painter harboring an obsession with freedom, particularly that freedom found in the waves of the sky, land, and sea. My inspiration is derived from the energy of nature, and the power it holds to move and inspire the world. Storms and waves are often explored subjects in my collection, accompanied by varying degrees of abstraction. Growing up in Southern California, working in Germany, and studying art in Idaho has given me a great appreciation for the beauty of our surroundings, and my art reflects the fluidity of our surrounding natural world. Initially rooted in geometric expressionism, my always evident love for color extends to whatever style or movement my art might entail. I'm a frequent traveler and collector of awe-inspiring feelings and color, which I then incorporate into my work. Having moved back to California, I continue to send work back to Idaho and Utah for display and private sales, while also enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Instagram: @kevinhoertig_art