"Serenity at Sea" by Suzie Soyon Koh, Mixed Media
"Serenity at Sea" by Suzie Soyon Koh, Mixed Media
"Serenity at Sea" by Suzie Soyon Koh, Mixed Media

"Serenity at Sea" by Suzie Soyon Koh, Mixed Media

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20" x 48"

Mixed Media

Original Art Work



Suzie Soyon Koh

Suzie Soyon Koh is an Asian American Contemporary artist, actively pursuing her art career in Orange County, California. Suzie Koh was born in Seoul, South Korea where she spent most of her childhood, then moved to Southern California. She received her BA degree in Art and Design at UCLA, then continued her Graphic design studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Over the course of her career, Suzie has experimented with various materials, styles and techniques in expressing her creative outlet. Intrigued by the art communities in Laguna Beach, her earlier paintings show her passion and fascination for California Plein-air landscape paintings.

Through the years as she explored new directions in searching for her own personal artistic style, her paintings become more intuitive and spontaneous. Transitioning from a mere realistic replication of what already exist in nature, her later paintings become representational of her feelings, her emotions and reflection of spiritual and cultural identity of herself.

In her most recent collective works, artist fuses traditional Korean brush painting elements with contemporary interpretations. Through a skillful layering of ink-wash and brush calligraphic delineation, her paintings reveal the powerful beauty and meditative sense of peace and simplicity. She wants her art to encourage viewers to ponder and ask questions, experience and see art with new perspective thus connecting with the world with open mindedness.