“Autumn Shrubs ” By Rebecca Robb, Oil on Canvas
“Autumn Shrubs ” By Rebecca Robb, Oil on Canvas
“Autumn Shrubs ” By Rebecca Robb, Oil on Canvas

“Autumn Shrubs ” By Rebecca Robb, Oil on Canvas

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16" x 20"

Original Artwork 

Oil on Canvas 



Rebecca Robb

Hello! I’m Rebecca Robb, a fine artist living in San Diego. My art work takes me through a variety of subjects influenced by my extensive world travels. 

I was born in Brazil to American expats. During my childhood my family traveled around a lot. I had the opportunity to sample incredibly extensive and varied landscapes from different countries.

As an artist, I am intrigued by the effect light has on color and try to capture the warmth and temperature we experience in sunlight. 

My main source of inspiration is the diversity of land and seascapes as well as animals from around the world.

As a young adult, I spent a few years traveling around Africa as a volunteer with various non-profits. Due to the nature of my work, I was exposed to a large variety of terrain and regional wildlife. 

I am very moved by the innocence and uniqueness of animals and feel compelled to paint them so as to give them a voice in our introverted world. My aim is to express the intelligence and tenderness of each animal, especially under-appreciated animals, in hopes of drawing attention to their beauty and importance to our planet. 

My art is a reflection of my eagerness to depict the things I am captivated by on this earth. My desire is to paint images that will stir your nostalgia and awaken your most wonderful memories and imaginations.

Instagram:  @rebeccarobbfineart