June Berger

June Berger’s career as a Fine Artist began in the world of graphic design at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Surrounded by the beautiful design, art and culture of the 70’s, she developed a love for the marriage between image and the expression of ideas, concepts and messaging.

The following years were spent creating such in the form of art and design for corporate and executive branding clients at her award-winning company, Pelican Studios Branding & Communications in Vancouver, BC.

In 2018, she said goodbye to Pelican and Vancouver, moved to the beautiful canyons of SoCal and embarked on a full time Fine Art career.
Ever passionate about the love affair between message and image, the inspiration for her work 
is the wisdom, promises and elegant language of Old Testament and New Testament scripture.

Her unique style is conceptual, abstract, wild, happy, sometimes hard-edged, and always balanced, vibrant and inviting in color, form and feel.

June paints primarily in acrylics but also works in oil pastel, graphite, 24K gold and custom paint made from vibrant earth pigments.


Instagram: @junebergerart


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