"Sector 27" by Johnny Rogers, Acrylic on Canvas
"Sector 27" by Johnny Rogers, Acrylic on Canvas
"Sector 27" by Johnny Rogers, Acrylic on Canvas

"Sector 27" by Johnny Rogers, Acrylic on Canvas

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30" x 30" x 1.5"

Acrylic on Canvas 

Original Artwork

Description: Sector 27 is a bold, visually striking abstract piece that draws the viewer in with its interplay of rich colors and intriguing textures. The canvas is divided into three quadrants, each filled with a vibrant solid hue - intense red and yellow juxtaposed with cool grey-blue. The paint is generously applied, giving the surface a thick, tactile quality. The colors take on an added luminous depth under a high gloss archival clear-coat. 

Sector 27 has a bold graphic quality with its strong color division, yet retains an energetic spontaneity in its rich, interactive surface. The viewer is invited to explore the interplay between the gestural paint application and the more rigid geometry beneath the high gloss finish. It is an impactful contemporary abstract work that engages the eye through color, texture and contrast.


Artist Statement:

I am an abstract painter who creates textured, multilayered acrylic paintings on large canvases. My process involves building up layers of acrylic paint, then sanding back to sculpt depth and dimension across the surface. I work in an intuitive, meditative way, etching and manipulating the paint to create intricate compositions. While abstraction is my focus, texture and subtle detail are also important elements in my work.

I want viewers to engage with my paintings up close, noticing the complexity achieved through my layered technique. My large-scale canvases are meant to draw viewers in and envelop them in the sensory, visual experience. While acrylic is often associated with flat color fields, I push the medium further by incorporating texture and depth. My aim is to find new possibilities in acrylic paint through experimentation with scale, layers and tactile surfaces. I see each painting as an opportunity to create an immersive, abstract escape for the viewer.

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