"The Velvet Rose" by Milana Waldron, Oil on Canvas
"The Velvet Rose" by Milana Waldron, Oil on Canvas
"The Velvet Rose" by Milana Waldron, Oil on Canvas

"The Velvet Rose" by Milana Waldron, Oil on Canvas

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48” x 48”

Oil on Canvas

Original Art Work



Milana Waldron

Milana was born in rural area in Russia. After receiving her Master’s in the large city of Nizhny Novgorod she relocated to Moscow at age 23.  Moscow broaded her perspective on life and opened new opportunities for her seeking soul. At that age she began to travel internationally and after her first trip to Philippines, Boracai island something had shifted inside of her. She was astonished by incredible colorful sunsets on that island and comfortable warm climate with sweet, gentle air. When she returned to Moscow in April of 2011 it was cold and cloudy. That was a big contrast between tropical lush nature with abundance of colors and her grey sky reality.


She went to an art store and bought her first canvas, brushes and acrylic paints and decided to bring back those colors from her trip. Her first artworks were images of flowers, plants, fishes made in naive style. It was rather flat pictures but even back then it was obvious that she has an awareness of color combinations and was able to communicate positive emotions via her art. 
She explained: “It was a necessary approach to keep my mind sane. I needed that color therapy in the end of an exhausting winter.”


In 2012 she quit her office job and bought a one way ticket to Thailand where she spent 6 months. It was a soul nourishing journey that helped her to connect with her inner truth. She lived in local temples where she practiced vipassana, tried raw food diet, received her human design reading that became an object of her education later in life and enjoyed the freedom of not knowing what kind of surprise and synchronicity life can bring. 
“I remember driving my motorbike with the music playing on the north of Thailand after swimming in the pond in the middle of jungles and inhaling warm, delicious air of freedom. The joy to be alive! That feeling is so rare but very memorable.”


She met her American husband in 2013 on Saint Maarten and it was immediate connection that turned into a happy marriage and birth of their daughter. Love played a huge role in her art development. She said that after she got married something relaxed inside of her and it caused an immediate effect in her artistic expression. 
“When you have a life partner who is comfortable with who you are it switches a body survival mode into universal flow together”. 


Her first flower painting was pistachio orchids on muddy background made in acrylics. She impressed herself and many other with how well it turned out.  Recognizing a true talent, she quickly moved to oils.  Her pure experiment with a the new media came out as pink tulips on blue background painting that some critics called refreshingly arousing. 


After delivering her first baby, her husband and fans encouraged her to keep painting. Being a busy mom and having that type of support helped her to create one of the most unique art-pieces - double colored daisy with a crochet middle. Woolen stamens surrounded by realistic petals is one of a kind that expresses her strong artistic nature and individuality. 

Most of her artworks are flowers on large canvases. She played with abstract and portrait also and her style is always recognizable - invigorating colors and shades that create eye pleasuring  and joy provoking experience.  Her paintings are not the kind which blend into the background rather the kind that one stairs at in order to appreciate the pure esthetics nature provides us.  When looking at her art one may question if flowers have personalities and how God could create such a beautiful ornate life. 


Milana said that flowers are a reminder of timeless beauty and elegance in the world that is crazy and unpredictable. “Painting is a space where I can be organized, focused and in charge, there is no chaos just pure mathematics and pre-planned expression with accidental innovations”. 

Instagram: @milanawaldron_art