"Golden Boy" by Gabrielle Benot, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Golden Boy" by Gabrielle Benot, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Golden Boy" by Gabrielle Benot, Mixed Media on Canvas

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36" X 36"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork



Born in Latvia, Ms. Gabrielle Benot had a natural gift for artistic creativity from an early age. 

She matured as an artist over time under the guidance of her grandfather, who was a self-taught painter till the family moved from Latvia to Denmark. Eventually she would study fashion design at the the Royal Danish Academy of Art and Design in Copenhagen. Aside from her art teachers, Gabrielle has also been influenced and inspired by Lee Krasner , Willem de Kooning, Gustav Klimt, Joan Mitchell and Joan Brown to name a few. Her style reflects a partial figurative representation in vibrant, rich colors, bold brushstrokes, and a combination of heavy textures and sometimes semi-precious stones. These added dimensions uniquely feed the imagination with new possibilities, brilliance and intricacies rarely seen or experienced. 

Concentrating on form, color, and a sense of stylistic freedom, Gabrielle experiments with different mediums, sometimes creating unexpectedly unique and beautiful results. She uses her technique to experiment with abstract forms as well as nonfigurative art styles in an effort to reach a kind of fresh, diverse, and emotionally expressive art, that frequently has a voice of its own.