"Untitled" by Yoram Chisin, Oils on Jute
"Untitled" by Yoram Chisin, Oils on Jute
"Untitled" by Yoram Chisin, Oils on Jute

"Untitled" by Yoram Chisin, Oils on Jute

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31.5" X 25.5"

Oils on Jute

Original Art Work


Yoram Chisin

A colourist with deep sensitiveness.Vivid colours and contrasting shapes.Oil on raw linen.Pure or upgraded with metal or plaster.Emotion to be found in multiple layers through colour and paint combinations.The painter gives free rein to his emotions.Emotions the viewer may capture or who make him dig in his own sensitive world. A mystery to be solved? Controlled boundless colours. Chisin paints emotions relating to his recent past and to the past never to forget, the nightmare of the Holocaust. The sense of beauty - he has expressed from his early age - sparkles in his works. He is fascinated by fashion, more particularly by the aesthetics of the colour palette used by the French designer Christian Lacroix. In his view, a sensitive match with the work of his guru, the abstract expressionist Mark Rotko. ‘I work with mystical colours that have a meaning’, says the artist. Chisin, inspired by leaders in the world of fashion and art, chooses colours and paint combinations, often processed in layers, that express his inner experience. He uses the power of colours and complex textures by putting together contrasting and complementing shades to increase the visual effect, reflecting sensitivity. Sensitivity focusing on the strength of being, determination of life as well as fatality of despair. Despite deep feelings of pain, the painter wants to illustrate hope and joy. Colours and mood make a controlled contradiction. Chisin masters the technique of ‘oil’, combined with plaster or metal, and aesthetics in a way he can develop his initial idea of how the work would look like during the painting process to respond to his current feelings. ‘Works can take up to 4 months to finish. I need to look at the canvas for hours. It brings me fresh inspiration and as long as I am not satisfied, the work is not ready to be seen by others’, according to the artist. His emotions rule colour and techniques. The work of Yoram is aesthetically and technically subtle. He makes colours cry and sing! Direct involvement with the viewer The painter invites the viewer to his inner experience. His work is a communication channel between imagination and reality. He challenges the viewer’s sensory experience and cultural background to make his own personal associations.  Yoram’s believes in the golden triangle of love, of thrusting and of thirst of energy. It stands for learning how to take a new lease of life, how to look at things and how to savour life, …Therefore in his philosophical quest he focuses on common subjects to better hide in another world - after the sudden death of his wife - to question himself about his intimacy and to stimulate the viewer to question the questioning. The viewer can enter the world of the artist guided by his own emotions and experience because the language of pain, sadness, joy and hope is a universal one.          *   *   *   *   *

Profile of Yoram Chisin Yoram Chisin, born in 1971 in France (Toulouse), arrived in 1973 in Israel. The presence of his maternal grandmother, a hard and elegant lady, an intellectual who survived the concentration camps, left on him an indelible mark of the nightmare of the Holocaust and so did also his paternal grandfather. His father, the ever-present brilliant man, university professor in medicine, a leftist intellectual was always a reference point from whom Chisin had to escape. Freudian tensions seem clear. He served the Israeli Army Forces in the “Golani” Infantry Division. Today Chisin lives and works in Israel. He recently exhibited at galleries in Sydney, Melbourne, Miami, New York.

Instagram: @yoram.chisin