"Intricate Souls" by Giorgio Sciarretta, Mixed Media
"Intricate Souls" by Giorgio Sciarretta, Mixed Media
"Intricate Souls" by Giorgio Sciarretta, Mixed Media

"Intricate Souls" by Giorgio Sciarretta, Mixed Media

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28" X 20"

Mixed Media

Original Art Work



Giorgio Sciarretta

The rebelious, innovative, and independent painter was born in Rome, Italy, in August 1976 and lives also in Indonesia since 1997. As a kid, Giorgio has experienced many tragedies in his life. 

The first tragedy was when he was 7 years old, losing his best friend who’s like a big brother to him, Rino Gaetano, the most popular singer and artist in Italy in the 70’s and 80‘s who died in a car accident at 31 years old. When he was 7, Giorgio was in a coma for favism disease. When he was awoken from the coma, he started to feel attached to the after life. He needed to express his creativity everyday, he began to paint. The contact with the other world, he expresses it through his hands.

He also spent many times learning from Sante Monachesi, one of the most important painters in Italy, a friend of Giorgio’s father. The biggest tragedy ever for him, is to lose his best friend who was also like a brother to him, Prince Michele Borghese on a parachuting launch in 2000 when they launched together. In the same year he lost his beloved father, uncle, and his other best friends. In 2008, he was diagnosed with an inoperable Angioma with cavernoma inside the brain. He was close to losing his life at least 25 times, he is blessed with miracles to survive a coma, fire, car and frontal motorcycle accidents, and many more of life-risking experience.

Giorgio never stays only on one theme, he always innovates. His hands go and create, purely moved by inspirations he always get ever since he woke up from his coma experience. His artworks shows what he saw on his spiritual journey, the concepts of lights, gates, holes, universe, etc. He loves to use any kinds of mediums such as oil paint, acrylics, gesso, mixed media, accessories, glitters, spray paints, etc. He also uses his hands and fingers to do details, on canvas, carton, fabriano aper, plastic board, etc. The size of his paintings vary from small pieces to the big ones. He loves to create paintings that fit in all types of homes and rooms. 

Instagram: @giorgio_sciarretta