“Black Hole Sun” by  Christy Hopkins, Acrylic on Canvas
“Black Hole Sun” by  Christy Hopkins, Acrylic on Canvas

“Black Hole Sun” by Christy Hopkins, Acrylic on Canvas

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48" x 48"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work


Living in Seattle for the last 11 years, Christy is surrounded by water, mountains and city life.  Her home studio has a view of sailboats and docks, with people meandering about daily from every direction.  You’d think her art would be a reflection of her environment but to the contrary, all of Christy’s work pours from the dancing color shapes she sees in her mind, with a desperate need to express them physically on canvas.

Christy was born and raised in southern California. She discovered her love for painting in her 20s, while doodling on a road trip from Connecticut to Boston.  Pure boredom led her to doodle the coolest creations on book jackets, packaging-whatever she could find in the car.  The rest of the trip she couldn’t get enough paper and colored pens to keep these little abstracts going.  Upon return from that vacation, I was given a water color set as a gift.  That took for a while until she discovered canvas and acrylic paint.

As a self-taught artist Christy was intimidated not have gone to art school so she did the only thing that felt natural to learn, she bought art books by the dozen of all different genres. Some favorites were T Lautrec, Picasso, Pollock, Basquait, and Kandinsky just to name a few.  As Christy was struggling to find her own style, her painting skills grew and developed by experimenting with different tools and mediums.

Moving to Seattle sky rocketed Christy’s creativity, she threw herself into the largest, most vibrant work she’s ever created. Painting gesturally in time with music and dance, Christy’s work results in broad movement, and vivid energy captured on canvas.  The textures are endless and overlapping as her paintings are made in layers, 4 to 6 being the average.  The layer making is critical to her process as the work changes and develops as each new layer is applied.  When she picks up a piece from the day before, this new layer is always different so the added marks and forms of that day are of that mood, that energy.

Christy was just featured in ArtFOLIO2021, “One of the World’s Most Exciting Artists” collection.  This is a curated publication that has a collection of the best in abstract and contemporary work as decided on by a jury of professional artists, museum curators, gallery owners, art consultants & collectors.  She also has been shown in Seattle at local venues, and is booking an upcoming show in Bellevue, WA.  She also comes from a family of artists and musicians, her Aunt is acclaimed died fabric/abstract acrylic painter, Janet Starr of Sun Valley.