"Shaman" by Dominika Kazmierczak, Acrylic on Wooden Panel
"Shaman" by Dominika Kazmierczak, Acrylic on Wooden Panel
"Shaman" by Dominika Kazmierczak, Acrylic on Wooden Panel

"Shaman" by Dominika Kazmierczak, Acrylic on Wooden Panel

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24" x 46"

Mixed Media on Wooden Panel (acrylic, rope, feathers, modeling paste)

Original Art Work



Dominika Kazmierczak  

I was born in Poland. I graduated from the University of Silesia in Katowice with a degree in Special needs therapists. With my degree in hand, I set out to change the world. For 15 years, I worked with disabled people. Some may think I helped t hem. The truth is, they helped me see the beauty in the world.

My adventures with art began from my earliest memories. I remember the great joy of accomplishment and satisfaction that the drawing provided. In my spare time, I also loved decorating interiors and making jewelry. Little did I know back then that my adventures with artistic expressions would materialize into my life's passion. And so, it is. Everything you see here is a part of me. My entire

being. My thoughts. My passions. Everything I do bears my soul, emotions, thoughts, memories, dreams, and perception of the world. I share my energy with the world in every painting and every art piece that I make. 

Life has many beautiful things and many sad and scary things as well. However, there is no one without another. No white without black. It's God's harmony. My paintings are smiling even when inside they suffer, and they hide their secrets deep inside. I like to work with resin, and natural materials, because I feel their positive vibrations while I am working with them. Many of materials I use in my art are stone, wood, various seashells, rope, or metal.

My first exhibition took place in 2019 at the Hellada Gallery in Long Beach. It was a great experience for me. That same year, I also took part in the Pasadena Artwalk, which only strengthened my hopes for artistic development. Now I have got a great opportunity to be a member of Laguna Art Gallery.