"Nod of Approval" by Ehsan Khanaman, Acrylic on Canvas
"Nod of Approval" by Ehsan Khanaman, Acrylic on Canvas
"Nod of Approval" by Ehsan Khanaman, Acrylic on Canvas
"Nod of Approval" by Ehsan Khanaman, Acrylic on Canvas

"Nod of Approval" by Ehsan Khanaman, Acrylic on Canvas

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57” X 45”

Acrylic on Canvas

Framed in Black

Original Art Work

Description: In agreement, there is ease and calm; innocently looking up, and creating an energy of peace. With bold contrast and curving lines, we can take flight when we experience communion.


Ehsan Khanaman

After being born in Sweden and experiencing his younger years there, he moved with his family at the age of 10 to Iran and found painting. Seeing the Gulf War in Iran first hand, Ehsan watched bombs destroying families and the landscape, neighborhood starvation and pervading corruption. He was deeply moved by his father offering food to the refugees and victims of the senseless violence. He began to wonder if there was another way. Was all this destruction necessary? Is there a way for us to experience true peace as humans?

Moving back to Sweden in his teenage years, he was trained under the tutelage of a top fine art mentor. Ehsan started to develop his talents, hearing the words of his teacher, “A true artist innovates.” 

Dealing with local racism, and being treated as a gypsy, he longed for community and wondered how he could contribute.

And the answer was clear, the world would only experience peace through Unity. Ehsan’s burning desire was to create something truly groundbreaking that would have international impact and stop the fighting for good.

After his family emigrated to the United States, Ehsan continued to paint, and his voice developed under the local master in California, coming alive in vibrant textures and mesmerizing bold colors.

Following frustration in a post 9/11 world, where talking wasn’t furthering the global mission for peace, Ehsan began his prolific visions collection, and in 2003 the Vision of Unity and Peace was born. In its completion will be 2,000 paintings spanning a 1/2-acre.

Ehsan has participated in and held exhibits at museums, galleries, community events and activities throughout California. In 2013, first paintings from Point of View series were introduced at the Artist Eye Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach. By 2014, his team, painting and photography studio, were established, dedicated to the consistent capture of his 2,000 visions. In the summer of 2014, Point of View series was closed and prepared for reproduction and release, testing the equipment, processes, and procedures for the later Vision series.

Today, Ehsan deeply believes humanity can bloom and peace is possible. He continues his journey of painting and sharing his Vision of Unity and Peace, locally, nationally and worldwide.

Instagram: @VisionsbyEhsan