"Vision" by Ambika Thiagarajan, Mixed Media on Canvas
"Vision" by Ambika Thiagarajan, Mixed Media on Canvas

"Vision" by Ambika Thiagarajan, Mixed Media on Canvas

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48" x 48"

Mixed Media on Canvas

Original Artwork


Description: "Vision” is a painting from The Magic In You collection. This painting reflects the vision you can have for yourself and it’s absolutely possible to make it a reality if you choose to. A vision so strong in your mind and heart can be achieved. Nobody can stop you.


Ambika Thiagarajan

Ambika Thiagarajan was born in New Jersey in 1994. Within two and a half years, she moved to India with her family. She primarily grew up in Chennai, India, where she attended school and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Stella Maris College. She then went on to pursue a Post-Baccalaureate in Fine Art from the Maryland Institute College of the Arts. She is now a full-time Artist and Art teacher based in Southern California.

"I take photos during my travel or even from simply a morning walk down the hill and come back to my studio to paint it. Within this painting, I include the actual visual experience of it, the imaginative component from my mind and the emotional sentiment of the moment. Memories really draw me and help me create the feeling and the journey through it rather than just what it looked like. Landscapes and seascapes are what guide this process of abstraction".