The Deep Well by Brian McQueen
The Deep Well by Brian McQueen

The Deep Well by Brian McQueen

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The Deep Well 
by Brian McQueen

48" x 48"
Acrylic On Canvas


Though I can’t remember a time in my life when art didn’t play an important role, my foray into watercolors began in the mid 80’s while living in Laguna Beach. This experience was greatly inspirational, and in 1989 I moved to Santa Fe, NM. It is here where I began to identity as an artist, and I haven’t looked back.Today, I find myself regularly reflecting back to the time when art was new and powerful, a time when I felt enriched and supported. As the years pass, my artwork continues to change and grow, which excites me. More and more, I find that at the end of the day a kind of melancholy sets in; lately, I seem to never want to leave the studio.

I have come to realize that my life as an artist has always been a vehicle for growth, both spiritual and human. Today, more than ever before, though, I consciously seek to cultivate my talents as an artist to elevate both aspects. I love sitting in silence and watching the tip of a graphite pencil slowly transform the white paper. I use the movement of pigment in water, and the movement of pigment in walnut oil, the same way. When the painting or drawing is done, I give it a blessing and start on a new one.