"Symmetrical" by Ric Sorgel, Photograph on Acrylic
"Symmetrical" by Ric Sorgel, Photograph on Acrylic

"Symmetrical" by Ric Sorgel, Photograph on Acrylic

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28" x 15"

Photograph on Acrylic 

Limited Edition (signed)


Ric Sorgel

My camera looks both ways.

On this site are the images it sees when I look out through the lens. But what does my camera see when it looks back through the viewfinder at me?

It sees a kid in Milwaukee who caught the bug from taking a beginner’s course in black-and-white photography as a Junior at Marquette. When that leads to me quickly becoming main photographer for our yearbook and photo editor of the school newspaper, it’s apparent my camera is seeing in ways that others are not.

After college, my camera taught me how to use images to tell stories. For eighteen years, the companies I ran created multi-media presentations for Fortune 500 companies that opened eyes, grabbed hearts, changed minds, and thrilled audiences worldwide.

I was learning how images moved people.

And then, I made it more personal. I brought the power of digital to unique designs in the retail space. To inspire. To engage. To involve. To enable people to make more intelligent, more complete, more thoughtful decisions in choosing products .

Along the way, I’ve won more than 200 national and international awards as an artist and a producer in a wide variety of industries for an even greater variety of my work...all of which involved photography -- which is now my passion full-time.

All of what I’ve been -- and am -- infuses all I create. When you look at the images I’ve captured, I hope they help you to see your world -- and maybe yourself -- in a fuller or different way…. and I trust you see a bit of my unique vision in them as well.

Because my camera looks both ways.