Stir The Pot by Carol Levin
Stir The Pot by Carol Levin

Stir The Pot by Carol Levin

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Stir The Pot

by Carol Levin

24" x 33.5" 

Limited Edition Print on Acrylic and Aluminum - Carol Levin       

Originally from New York City. A connection with photography began in high school with the very first photography class assignment; to construct a Box Camera. To be an artist was always my dream from the age of seven, but to become a cartoonist.  Other paths led me to becoming a graphic designer. Worked in the Advertising field for over 25 years from Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and then my own Design Studio.

"I am constantly looking at pieces of interesting objects, things, places and people and say what can I create from these images that I see and photograph. So, from these photographs I get inspiration to merge both worlds of photography and graphics to create a unique piece of art. “Art has always in one way or another been my way of communicating with the world.”

Instagram:  levin.carol