“Correnteza” by Maria Eduarda Boabaid, Acrylic on Canvas
“Correnteza” by Maria Eduarda Boabaid, Acrylic on Canvas
“Correnteza” by Maria Eduarda Boabaid, Acrylic on Canvas

“Correnteza” by Maria Eduarda Boabaid, Acrylic on Canvas

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31.49" X 59.05"

Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art Work



Instagram: @mariaeduardaboabaid

Maria Eduarda Boabaid

Maria Eduarda Boabaid was born and raised on an island in southern Brazil, Florianópolis, on May 22, 1998.
Since she was little, she always found herself among colors, pencils and drawings.
She formally tried to manifest her art in Fashion Design and Graphic Design, until in 2018 her grandmother, Elci Irene Marçal Boabaid, gave her all her painting material. Together, a collection of clippings from magazines, books and newspapers, with several works by different plastic artists. It was in that moment that the artist within her felt understood. Finally she found her true purpose in life, to turn a blank canvas into an explosion of emotions.

She says that feelings are very lonely, confused and often frightening. With painting, she feels that she connects with herself and her feelings. It is through it that she tries to decipher the emotions that she cannot put into words, and hopes that her art will make the observer feel the same way. That they feel embraced, understood. She wants the observer to create his own art, through her's. Creating their own definition for that feeling. 

For her, art is not something to be explained or rationalized. She thinks that art lives in a very subtle place, and she allows herself to enter this mystery in which art takes her. Maria sees herself as an instrument to channel it, and she lets her feelings speak for her and hope that that observers will be able to feel it, but still, having their own interpretation, as we are all unique, as are our emotions. 
For Maria Eduarda Boabaid, art is expression. Art is surrender.