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A Group Show Curators Fee of $155.00 November 2018

A Group Show Curators Fee of $155.00 November 2018

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Congratulations for being chosen for the group show in 2018 in beautiful Laguna Beach, California!

ONLY IF ACCEPTED:There is 155.00 One-Time Curators Fee to exhibit in this show for the month. This includes set up and take down of the gallery show by the curator. Includes artist reception and extensive marketing and advertising of the show and artist. The physical gallery exhibition will be on display for the month of October 2018.  Artists are responsible for making shipping arrangements to the gallery and for return shipping, by providing a return shipping label (DHL, UPS, FEDEX).

Artist to include a 3 x 5 index card of title, size, medium and price of work. All art to be original and signed on back in black felt pen with title, size and medium. All sales are final, on a 50/50 commission split with artist and gallery. Selected artist will be notified the third week of the month for the following show. For questions please contact Pam Squires: Email. support@lagunaart.com Ph. 714-972-2787

This is a one time fee for those artists who have been selected from the jury process to exhibit in the Laguna ART Gallery located in beautiful Laguna Beach at 305 North Coast Hwy on Gallery Row.  This agreement is for the month of October. This fee includes an opening Artist Reception.  Marketing and advertising on social media and a sales team that will follow up on every lead.   

Consignment Agreement 50/50 

It is agreeable by ______________________________________________________ (the artist), and Laguna ART Gallery that all sales of the artists work are split 50/50 consignment. The artist will be responsible for shipping or delivering the art to the gallery.  The Artist will be responsible to sign the contract at the time of delivery. Payouts to the artist are paid on the 1st of every month.  The exhibit fee is for one month and applies to the current show. 


Please include for each chosen image:  






Gallery Price:



It is agreed by both parties that the collector (client) will pay for shipping from the studio to the client’s home. The Artist will first ship artwork then be reimbursed due to the fact that the artwork is stored in the artist’s possession. Ask your dedicated sales consultant to help determine the details of these costs.


Images and Graphics:

Your Director of Marketing and Sales is Pam Squires and can be reached at: support@LagunaART.com : ph. 714-972-2898

Art Director

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